Support for Teaching in Gen Ed

Administrative Team

At the Gen Ed office, we are committed to providing Gen Ed faculty and teaching staff comprehensive logistical and administrative support. We truly believe that by providing a solid foundation of assistance, we enable faculty to teach the courses they've always dreamed of teaching, which become the transformational courses students remember for a lifetime.

Gen Ed courses are supported by Course Coordinators, dedicated Harvard staff members who assist with various administrative aspects of the course including, but not limited to, teaching staff appointments, budget requests, classrooms, field trips and guest speakers, supplies for sections and class, and other course-related logistics. The Course Coordinators, reachable at, serve as the first point of contact for any questions and are a resource for connecting you with other helpful offices around the College.

Additionally, the Bok Center for Teaching and Learning has a team dedicated to supporting Gen Ed faculty and teaching staff. Learn more about the many ways Bok’s Gen Ed team can be of help.