Policies, Handbooks & Forms

This page includes links to important university, FAS and College policies, and to FAS, GSAS and College handbooks relevant to Gen Ed instructors.


FAS Information for Faculty Offering Instruction

GSAS Handbook

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Handbook  is a guide to regulations, rules, and procedures that apply to GSAS students.

Harvard College Student Handbook

The Harvard College Student Handbook is a reference to academic requirements, the residential system, and extracurricular and cocurricular activities for Harvard undergraduate students.


Field Trip Waiver Form

Prior to a domestic field trip, please collect a signed Field Trip Waiver Form from each participant for your records.

Reimbursement Form

Reimbursement requests must be submitted to the Gen Ed Office preferably within 30 days but no later than 45 days from the date the expense was incurred.  Only approved course-related expenses will be reimbursed. Please contact gened@fas.harvard.edu if you have any questions.

For reimbursement requests, please complete and submit the following:

  • Itemized Original Receipt (and credit card receipt if applicable) OR Missing Receipt Affidavit (MRA is required if the original itemized receipt is missing. MRAs should be used as exceptions; they should not be used in lieu of original receipts on a regular basis)
  • Reimbursement Form

Please choose the appropriate reimbursement form:

  • Concur
    To be used by:
    • Faculty members
    • Teaching Assistants (i.e., non-Harvard student)
    • Exempt bi-weekly staff members
  • Non-Employee Reimbursement Form
    To be used by:
    • Harvard Students, regardless of any employment
    • Non-Harvard Affiliates

Speaker Form

All guest speakers must be sent in e-mail or as a hard copy this text:

By accepting this invitation to speak, you understand that in providing these services, your status will be that of an independent contractor, free from Harvard's direction and control. You understand that you are not an agent or employee of Harvard and are not expected or authorized to enter into binding commitments on Harvard's part.

No signature or other acknowledgement from the speaker is necessary. Your message to the speaker should also include confirmation of the date and time of the event, along with the agreement about honoraria and/or travel expenses.  See a sample letter for a guest speaker. If the event is to be recorded, the speaker must sign this Speaker Consent for Recordings. Please send the signed waiver to the Gen Ed Office for future reference.

Student Consent & License Form

Please use this Student Consent and License Form to obtain consent and license from students for the right to use, distribute, and make available their work.

TA Memo of Support

Course heads are welcome to use this template as they craft a letter of support for a TA appointment.