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Learn more about the Gen Ed requirements

As described in the Student Handbook, students in the Class of 2020 and beyond must complete four General Education courses, one from each of the following four General Education categories.  Three of these courses must be letter-graded, while one may be taken pass/fail.

Gen Ed Categories

Aesthetics & Culture icon

Aesthetics & Culture

Aesthetics and Culture courses engage diverse artistic genres and cultural traditions, helping you situate yourself and others as products of and participants in art and culture.


Ethics & Civics icon

Ethics & Civics

Ethics and Civics courses engage with large questions about right and wrong, helping you grapple with the nature of civic virtue and the ethical dimensions of what you say and do.

Histories, Societies, Individuals icon

Histories, Societies, Individuals

Histories, Societies, Individuals courses engage questions of identity and social change, helping you understand the histories and traditions that you will encounter in a global context. 

Science & Technology in Society icon

Science & Technology in Society

Science and Technology in Society courses engage you in the study of scientific innovations and their social contexts, helping you assess the promise and pitfalls of current and future innovations using methods of scientific inquiry.

In addition to the General Education requirements, students must complete the College's language requirement, Expository Writing requirement, distribution requirement, and Quantitative Reasoning with Data requirement.

Any progress that returning students have made towards the previous Gen Ed requirements will translate towards fulfilling the new Gen Ed requirements, the distribution requirement, and the Quantitative Reasoning with Data requirement.

(Note: Students graduating in November 2019 and March 2020 are considered members of the Class of 2019 and will complete the old General Education requirements.  Please contact the Gen Ed office with any questions.)


Questions about Gen Ed?

Come to our start-of-term advising hours (1-4pm during the first week of classes) on the fourth floor of the Smith Campus Center or contact a Gen Ed advisor.

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