Harvard Summer School Gen Ed Courses

Designated Harvard Summer School (HSS) and Harvard Summer Study Abroad courses may count for General Education. Ordinarily, summer courses count if they are identical to courses that receive General Education credit during the academic year and are taught by the same Harvard faculty members who teach them during the academic year (or by a member of the same department).

The following Summer 2021 courses count for Gen Ed credit. Please contact us if you have questions about any HSS courses not listed below.

Further details about HSS courses can be found in the Harvard Summer School Course Catalog.

Online courses

Aesthestics & Culture

  • COMP S-120: Disease, Illness, and Health through Literature (Gen Ed 1078)
  • ENGL S-182A: Poetry in America: From the Mayflower to Emerson (Gen Ed 1172)
  • ENGL S-257: Superheroes and Power (Gen Ed 1165)
  • HUMA S-131: Political Intervention through the Arts (Gen Ed 1139)

Histories, Societies, Individuals

  • AAAS S-131: How Did We Get Here? From Slavery to #MeToo (Gen Ed 1041)
  • ANTH S-1150: Can We Know Our Past? (Gen Ed 1105)
  • HSCI S-101: Rethinking the Darwinian Revolution (Gen Ed 1048)
  • RELI S-1510: Ballots and Bibles: How and Why Americans Bring Scriptures into their Politics (Gen Ed 1062)
  • SOCI S-186: American Society and Public Policy (Gen Ed 1092)

Ethics & Civics

  • COMP S-131: Moral Inquiry in the Novels of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky (Gen Ed 1059)
  • GOVT S-1045: Justice: Ethics in an Age of Pandemic and Racial Reckoning (Gen Ed 1171)
  • HUMA S-132: Security: Carefree or Careless (Gen Ed 1020)

Science & Technology in Society


Study abroad courses

Due to COVID-19, Harvard Summer School has suspended its study abroad programs for 2021.