Harvard Summer School Gen Ed Courses

The following courses offered at the Harvard Summer School in Summer 2019 can be used to complete Gen Ed requirements.  Please contact us if you have questions about any Summer School courses not listed below.

On-Campus Summer School Courses

Some on-campus, seven-week Harvard Summer School courses in FAS subjects are eligible to receive Gen Ed credit.

Please note that online courses are not eligible for Harvard College credit or Gen Ed credit.

Below is a list of on-campus Summer School 2019 courses approved for Gen Ed credit.

BIOS S-74. Marine Life and Ecosystems of the Sea
Collin H. Johnson (Organismic and Evolutionary Biology)
Science of Living Systems

ECON S-10ab. Principles of Economics
David Laibson (Economics)
Either Empirical and Mathematical Reasoning or United States in the World for On-campus version of course only

GOVT S-20. Introduction to Comparative Politics
Shinju Fujihira (Weatherhead Center for International Affairs)
Societies of the World

GOVT S-30. Introduction to American Government
Jon Rogowski (Government)
United States in the World

HIST S-1572. The Holocaust in History, Literature, and Film
Kevin Madigan (Harvard Divinity School)
Societies of the World

STAT S-100. Introduction to Quantitative Methods
Michael I. Parzen (Statistics)
Empirical and Mathematical Reasoning for On-campus version of the course only

VISU S-76. Nazi Cinema: The Art of Propaganda
Eric Rentschler (Germanic Languages & Literatures)
Aesthetic & Interpretive Understanding





Summer Study Abroad

Below is a list of Summer Study Abroad 2019 courses approved for Gen Ed credit, organized by program and then course. 


Harvard Summer Program in Dakar, Senegal
AAAS S-137: Belief, Culture, and Society in Francophone Africa
Either Culture & Belief or Societies of the World, but not both; Study of the Past


Harvard Summer Program in Kyoto, Japan
EALC S-29: Inequality and Society in Contemporary Japan
Culture & Belief

EALC S-33: East Asian Religions – Traditions and Transformations
Either Culture & Belief or Societies of the World, but not both; Study of the Past


Harvard Summer Program in Aix-En-Provence, France
COMP S-134: The Arab and France, Textual Encounters

COMP S-136: The Arab and European Mediterranean from Colonial to Post-Colonial
Societies of the World

Harvard Summer Program in Nafplio & Thessaloniki, Greece

COMP S-107: Cross-Cultural Contact between East and West from Ancient Times to the Present

Aesthetic & Interpretive Understanding OR Societies of the World, AND Study of the Past


Harvard Summer Program in Oxford, England
BIOS S-112: Darwin and the Origins of Evolutionary Biology
Culture & Belief and Study of the Past
BIOS S-113: Darwin and Contemporary Evolutionary Biology
Science of Living Systems and Study of the Past
Note: Students passing both courses can receive General Education credit for Study of the Past and either Science of Living Systems or Culture and Belief, but not both.


Harvard Summer Program in Paris, France (Cultural Studies)
FREN-S-100 Paris and Its Revolutions
Aesthetic & Interpretive Understanding OR Culture & Belief


Harvard Summer Program in Venice, Italy
ENGL S-36V Venetian Art and the Bible
Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding and Study of the Past
HIST S-35 Nature
Ethical Reasoning
HUMA S-125 The Ethics of Identity
Ethical Reasoning