Infectious Diseases and Social Injustice (Gen Ed 1129)



Should we have been better prepared to mitigate the inequities that we are witnessing with COVID-19?


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Donald Goldmann and Ken McIntosh

Advances in prevention and treatment of infectious disease have left large segments of the global population behind. This course studies the societal impacts of nine infectious diseases: HIV/AIDS, malaria, plague, polio, cholera, smallpox, yellow fever, syphilis, and tuberculosis. As you trace these diseases through history, you will learn about their epidemiology and how they make people sick, explore their effects on humanity as seen through the lenses of history, literature, film, music, and drama, and grapple with questions about injustice, inequity, and stigmatization. Classes will be highly interactive and include case studies, provocations, role plays, advocacy pitches, a mock trial, debates, and collaborative learning. You will leave this course with a holistic understanding of infection as an issue that requires not only medical and scientific advances, but also societal cures.

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