Gen Ed faculty model shift to remote learning

April 1, 2020

As Harvard shifts to remote learning, Gen Ed faculty are working diligently and thinking creatively to provide continuity for students now spread across the world.

Matt Saunders has transformed Gen Ed 1114: Painting's Doubt to a remote class by shipping art supplies to students and using breakout Zoom sessions to mimic the collaborative environment of the studio

Harvard Magazine featured William C. Kirby integrating cold-calling student, virtual white boards, and online polling in the Monday class session of Gen Ed 1101: The Business of China.  With help from Head TF Adam Frost and Gen Ed course coordinator Karen Galvez, Kirby led a discussion of Uber's entry into the Chinese market just as interactive as an in-person class meeting.

With the help of the Bok Center, Maya Jasanoff created a "digital postcard" assignment in Gen Ed 1014: Ancestry in which students explore how the past shapes our current environments and experiences.  The Bok Center has also helped Peter Der Manuelian shift Gen Ed 1099: Pyramid Schemes online through a virtual curation assignment.

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