Frequently Asked Questions

A departmental course has been accepted to the new Gen Ed. What’s next?

The next step for Gen Ed will be to take ownership of the course’s catalog listing for continuity, as well as to track course enrollment and Q scores. The Gen Ed office may reach out you to ask that you grant us course catalog access to a departmental course that is being moved into Gen Ed.

Do departmental courses count for the new Gen Ed?

No. Only courses explicitly designed for and approved for the new Gen Ed program (with GENED XXXX as a number) will count for General Education credit. This means that you should remove Gen Ed attributes from all departmental courses being offered beginning in Fall 2019. If you have any questions about how to remove Gen Ed attributes, please contact the FAS Registrar’s Office.

What are the changes to Gen Ed requirements and course codes?

The outgoing Program in General education requires that students complete courses in eight different categories, but the new Gen Ed requires only four: Aesthetics & Culture; Ethics & Civics; Histories, Societies, Individuals; and Science & Technology in Society. In the new program, all courses have course codes that consist of “GENED” plus a four-digit number (e.g., GENED 1117). There will be no further use of the categories and course numbers you might be familiar with, such as AI, CB, SW or USW.

Are all the courses from the current Gen Ed moving to the new Gen Ed?

No. It’s important to know that no courses were automatically accepted into the new program. Even Gen Ed courses taught in the current version of the program had to be resubmitted for consideration by the Standing Committee on General Education. This means that some courses were either not submitted by the faculty or not selected by the committee, so it’s important to make sure that all courses you think will be Gen Ed courses are actually staying Gen Ed courses. The Gen Ed office is happy to help you with any questions.