Having trouble enrolling in a course for which you were granted permission to enroll? Try removing the course from your Crimson Cart, re-adding it, and attempting to enroll again. Doing so won't invalidate your permissions, and this has worked for several students having trouble completing enrollment in permission-required courses. 


Enrolling in Gen Ed Courses

Gen Ed courses are designed to be available to all Harvard College students. In support of this inclusivity, these courses rarely require prerequisites and, if interest in a course exceeds available seats, are randomly lotteried. Our aim is to help you to explore new topics, expand your horizons, and engage with ideas that will connect you to the world around you.

Lotteries in Gen Ed

Gen Ed runs lotteries for courses in which interest exceeds available seats, and all Gen Ed courses with enrollment caps require that students request instructor permission to enroll in the course.

Important Note: A course having an enrollment cap does not necessarily mean that we expect to have to run a lottery for it. Lotteries will only be run if interest exceeds available seats. If interest does not exceed available seats, we will admit all students who requested permission to enroll. 

Useful Links for Enrolling in Courses

For information on how to enroll in courses and on how to request instructor permission to enroll, please see below:

Enrolling in Courses using my.harvard

Requesting Instructor Permission in my.harvard

Tip: You are allowed to request permission to enroll in a course - and therefore to participate in a lottery - even if you still have an advising hold. You cannot complete enrollment in the course if your hold hasn’t been lifted, but you can participate in the lottery. Just be sure to click the “validate” button on your cart in order to move to the next step in the process!