Course Planning & Preparation

As you begin planning your course, be sure to consult the calendar of key dates for the 2020-21 academic year.

Preparations for courses begin several months in advance of the start of term. In May (for fall term courses) and October (for spring term courses), the Gen Ed Office contacts each course head with information about preliminary staffing allocations and a request for information including:

  • classroom preferences and media needs
  • course materials, including books and coursepacks (if any)
  • list of the teaching staff, including the Head TF when applicable

Each course is supported by a Course Coordinator, who serves as the primary contact for Gen Ed instructors. Karen Galvez supports Histories, Societies, Individuals and Science & Technology in Society courses.  Douglas Woodhouse supports Aesthetics & Culture and Ethics & Civics courses.

If faculty need assistance preparing your course more than a month before the start of classes, the Gen Ed office can provide funds to appoint a research assistant.  Faculty can contact their Course Coordinator to request such funds.

Please be sure to submit a budget request form to request funds for course development (e.g., research assistants, equipment, etc.) and/or course expenses (e.g., field trips, guest speakers, materials and supplies, etc.).  Please request approval before incurring any expenses, as it may not be possible to receive reimbursement after the expense has been incurred without prior approval.  The Gen Ed Office is not able to provide reimbursement for photocopies, office supplies, or refreshments. Teaching staff are welcome to use the photocopiers in the Gen Ed Office to make lecture & section handouts