Video: The Practice of Seeing (Gen Ed 1072)





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Karthik Pandian

How is vision shaped by technology? Where might we find agency in a saturated media landscape? How can we rethink the use of commonplace tools to practice seeing ourselves, each other and the world around us differently?


This course is both an extended reflection on moving image - what it does to us and what we may do with it - as well as a video production workshop in which students will create individual and collaborative works. Lectures will present an idiosyncratic history of the medium, putting canonical works into dialogue with avant-garde experiments, contemporary artworks and viral videos. We will explore the essential elements of video – movement, duration, montage – across historical and cultural context, as well as how the medium is implicated in the most urgent questions of our time – from politics, culture and representation to race, class, gender and sexuality. Students will put this knowledge into practice, making and sharing videos that reflect their expanded conceptual, aesthetic and technical relationship to the medium.