Natural Disasters (Gen Ed 1098)





What makes our planet so dangerous?


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Brendan Meade

Poster for Gen Ed 1098 - Natural Disasters. Image is a satellite photograph of a hurricane. Text includes course time (Tuesday & Thursday, 10:30-1145am) and location (Haller Hall, Geology Museum).

From Mexico to India, San Francisco to Tokyo, natural disasters have shaped both the surface of our planet and the development of civilizations. These catastrophes claim thousands of lives and cause tens of billions of dollars in damage each year, and the impact of natural disasters is only increasing as a result of human population growth and urbanization. This course uses the methods and skills associated with earth science to help you to develop an understanding of both the causes and impacts of these events. Readings will be assigned from the textbook Natural Disasters by Patrick Abbott (11th edition), to deliver the scientific content - recorded lectures will be available throughout the course, and live lectures and discussion sessions will be held each week to address any difficulties with the material, to facilitate discussion, and to provide an opportunity for interacting with fellow students and the teaching staff. By the end of this course, you will be able to understand the ways in which societies can systematically anticipate and prepare for the kinds of natural disasters which many people have come to assume are inevitable.

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