Energy Resources and the Environment (Gen Ed 1085)





How can we make sound, realistic choices about the ways we produce energy to support our growing global economies while fulfilling our responsibility as stewards of the environment?  


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John Shaw

This is a revolutionary time of change regarding how we produce and utilize energy around the world. How will we provide enough energy to support our growing global economy while protecting our environment? This class examines the full life cycle of each energy resource, including where it comes from geologically, how we acquire it, the way it is used in our economies, and the environmental impacts of these activities. We will run the gamut from conventional to emerging sources of energy: coal, petroleum, geothermal and nuclear systems, as well as renewable energy options. By the end of this course, you will be familiar with the materials, tools and methods used in modern energy industries. You will be able to understand the ways in which we currently produce usable energy, and their effect on our environment. These insights into current practices, combined with an assessment of future trends in technology and energy demand, will help you to become a citizen who understands and can therefore help shape our energy systems, and preserve our environment in the face of expanding human development.

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